Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The next responsibility !!!

my new family in BEM REMA Politeknik Telkom

"New world, new family, new organization and new responsibility". \(^o^)/

        Alhamdulillah, this year I became part of BEM REMA Politeknik Telkom as Secretary. Even if I ever joined in organization like OSIS before, but now it's different. We not think just for our collage but also think about Indonesia citizen, we as the next generation who will lead our beloved country, Indonesia. Yeah this responsibility not easy than before, but I must survive and keep spirit for do all my task and not make all people who believe me feel disappoint. May Allah SWT always give me the power.
        From Februari, 29th 2012 we were became family, untill next year but we will always keep our family until two years later, ten years later and untill we all old. Amin :')
So we can shared with our grandchild that we ever together as family in BEM Kabisat. Let's do the best!!! For Kak Tegar Razzaq W as the president, for kak Agung Sidiq N as the vice president, for all the Menteri kak Dwina Artati, kak Tino Partahadi, Alit Yuniargan, Rifky Mulki, kak Anjar Dwi, kak PrimaAbdul Rahman, kak Audia Inayah, kak Aditya Wardhani, kak Nizar Maftuh Ahnan and all my friends in Kabisat who I can't write one by one. I wanna say "All of you is the best person guys, I proud of you.  Please help me to do all my task in this Kabisat. And may Allah always give the best for us"

Maybe in the next post I will tell you all my friends in Kabisat with new photo. Haha :D


"Friendship is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship you really haven't learned anything". ~Muhammad Ali~

          Something precious that you never buy with money or gift is a friend. Best friend who always support you, those who give you advice when you in wrong way, those who know you are. Friend like your sister, help you when you need, really understand what you feel. You lucky if you have people who care about you.

          Far away from my home sweet home, really made me stress but when I found them, my world so brightness again. Sometimes we had a different things, but that was made us to closer than before. They are Safitri Suci Lestari and Nur Amanah Jati. If we together, we could to be crazy people, thought out mind, not feel shame at all. Hahaha. I really thankful to God that I ever knew them, had a good relationship with them.

I'm the only person who normal between them \(^o^)/


 Me, Lupita, Nur, Safitri (from left)

Unpredictable moment and great experiences

"Sometimes you never know when you get the opportunity to join in the competition" 

           And that was happen to me. Finally I'm to be the representative from my campus, joined in the Asia English Olympic (AEO 2012) as storyteller in Binus University, Jakarta. Yeay \(^o^)/. Honestly that was my first time to join in English Competition, you know that I'm not good in English, yet. Hahaha.. But all my seniors always supported me. To be a storyteller, I never thought before. I'm just like read novels or just make a story with my amazing imagination. So I felt shock when I must delivered story with body language, and that was difficult (>.<) I must spent my holiday in Bandung, far away from my home sweet home. The first I was so bored and sad, but again and again my parents gave me supported. Alhamdulillah, I got my spirit again.

          Finally, the day came, February, 13th - 17th 2012. The first time I went to Jakarta, the big city in Indonesia. I just could say "Wawwwww" hahaha.. I met with many people from different college and country. They were from Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. I just afraid to speak English haha, but my seniors always said that "You must try" with their creepy face. Haha *sorry kakakss*. But they were success to make me spoke English everyday. There were 55 participants from Asia, and their English were soooooo good. My first performance not bad, all the judges said that I delivered my story very good even if any some mistake with my spell. We had 3 judges, and I forgot all the name. Hahaha *shoot*. But actually they were the best persons, 2 woman & 1 guy. The first woman was a novel writer, the second was woman who ever join in Asia Organization of Children, and the guy who ever school in Binus University. When the announcement came, I passed into "Breaking Octo". That was really unpredictable, I never thought that I could until breaking octo in Asia. It was like the big 24. For me who never joined in storytelling, that was great progressed. My friends who joined as storyteller were good persons, alay, kind, fuss. hahaa but again and again I forgot all the names. I'm not good in remember so please forgive me guys, but actually I will remember all we have done. Laugh, scream etc :')


That was me who brought "A"

My new friends in AEO 2012, all the storytelles

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hola new world !!!

Hello, my name is Tara Narulita Honora, you can call me Tara or Lita but don't call me Honor hahaa...
This is my new blog with new header, and I made it by myself. I do so love it...
And for now you can find me in my blog, or you can add me in My Facebook, follow my Twitter or read my novels in Wattpad. (^o^)

~Enjoy my blog guys~