Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Open Mind of English Community 2012

EC's poster for Open Mind 2012

            English community is an english organization at my campus, and I as one of the committee in skill improvement especially story telling division. Actually we had many activities and divisions. There are skill improvement divison (debate, speech, storytelling, news casting), enterpreneur divison, public relationship divison, creative team division, etc. Also we had usually agenda in competitions and achievements on Nasional and Internasional. So yesterday we made our first meeting with new students, called Open Mind. Something about "what is EC?", "what we gonna do?', etc. For this event, I became the chief of event. Many things that I must handle it, alhamdulillah this event had been success even if there were some mistakes. We faced many obstacles for prepared the event, started from place, time, the stuffs that we need, meeting all the time, all the night. Little bit tired, but this is the consequence.

skill improvement division :*

creative team division (Left: kak citra, indo, alit, lulu)

one of our meeting for prepared those event :D (I wore yellow hijab)

briefing before we started

after the event, we took picture together with new EC's member

Sorry, for the last picture little bit blurry but hopefully my readers can enjoy it \(^o^)/

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


          I was born on August, 18, 1992 and this year I became 20 years old. That was remind me, that I am not younger anymore. Many responsibility toward my school and all the things that I must handle it.  I got a lot of birthday words, presents from my parents, and also a cake from my mom. Actually when my birthday happened I was on my holiday, so my friends just text me or say it in social media. Honestly, that's ok and I was glad for not being forgotten

         When I am writing this post, I had already 20 years old and one month, and two days ago my best friends gave me supprise party. They are Fitri, Nur and Lupita, if you want to know them, then you can read this one. They gave me a cake with love candles, so pretty. I never got love candles around my cake as long of my life, that's made me touched :')

pretty :')

make a wish (˘⌣˘ʃƪ)

cut the cake ^^

Actually I have a lot of pictures with my friends (Fitri, Nur, Lupita) but unfortunatelly they didn't wore their hijab, so it's imposibble for me to upload it. Regarding the pictures, I had pictures from my social media.

from my twitter @delunee

Not only my friends but also my lecturers and my teachers gave me birthday words

So, that's a little things about my birthday. Thanks for all your attention on my birthday guys (/^o^)/

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Come and go

"People come and go, this reminds that just God who stands still always with us " 
                                                      ~ a Quote from kak Devki ~

Well, I just can't sleep tonight. Trying to make my eyes close but yeah it didn't work, so I keep watching TV and chit chat with my friend. As you know, I spend the night in my friend's boarding house, and two of three friends already sleeping soundly. So what happen with me and my another friend, Alit. She still doing her homework and I get insomia (--_--")

So, let's make it fun. In saturday night, it's means five hours ago, I spend my saturday night in campus because we (English Community) made farewell party for our senior kak Fate who will continue her study at Japan the day after tomorrow. As good juniors, we would made a good impression for her. Honestly, I pretty jealous with her. I think, not only me who feel this kind of feeling. I already trying to get schoolarship in Japan two month ago, but I failed in interview session. If I have another time, I'll make another story about those schoolarship.
Back to the story, all of us took picture and eating together. We gave kak fate the original present from Indonesia, Batik. Hopefully, she will remember Indonesia and especially us. Sadly, I didn't have the photos, yet. So, I just upload old photo with her.


Kak Fate; my senior and also my teacher in Debate and storytelling

Kak Fate and Kak Becky (re: left to the right)

all debaters from Polytechnic Telkom Bandung

dinner together

Basically, we had so much fun. We will miss you kak Fate, be success and keep your hijab ^^
Hopefully we can get those scholarship too, especially me. Aamiin (˘⌣˘ʃƪ)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

What is your future house like?

Surely everybody have a dream house is not it? I always imagined my future house with all the furnitures. My house like vintage or old house with white colour and old stuffs. And the most important things of my house should have a little mosque, so all my family can closer with Allah SWT.

Let's check my future house like \(´▽`)/

my bedroom :D

If I turn off the lamp, my bed will be shine ^^

So, it's so simple but looks pretty is not it?!
How about yours?? ~(˘▾˘~)