Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Open Mind of English Community 2012

EC's poster for Open Mind 2012

            English community is an english organization at my campus, and I as one of the committee in skill improvement especially story telling division. Actually we had many activities and divisions. There are skill improvement divison (debate, speech, storytelling, news casting), enterpreneur divison, public relationship divison, creative team division, etc. Also we had usually agenda in competitions and achievements on Nasional and Internasional. So yesterday we made our first meeting with new students, called Open Mind. Something about "what is EC?", "what we gonna do?', etc. For this event, I became the chief of event. Many things that I must handle it, alhamdulillah this event had been success even if there were some mistakes. We faced many obstacles for prepared the event, started from place, time, the stuffs that we need, meeting all the time, all the night. Little bit tired, but this is the consequence.

skill improvement division :*

creative team division (Left: kak citra, indo, alit, lulu)

one of our meeting for prepared those event :D (I wore yellow hijab)

briefing before we started

after the event, we took picture together with new EC's member

Sorry, for the last picture little bit blurry but hopefully my readers can enjoy it \(^o^)/