Sunday, February 10, 2013

Will you marry me?

It's been a long since my last story, I was busy. February, 18, 2013 my new semester will be started and I never realized that time went so fast. Almost 2 years I lived in Bandung, it means now I am semester 4 and that means I have 2 semester again before I end my Diploma. Today, I just imagined how someone will propose for me to marry with him someday haha. Yeah, since I decided to not  be engaged with someone because I do believe Allah SWT has been choose my best mate and I just need to wait him come to me. Another reason is because my religion prohibit me to do so. Marry will prove seriousness, because a true man will not ask you to be his girlfriend. So, here my Q&A about what I want as a woman when a man ask me to marry him.

Q : Do you have a special characteristics?
A : Basically, it's same with another woman. He should have same faith with me (Islam), fluent reading Al-Qur'an and good in shalat. That's the important things he should have. But if you asked me about the physical, it'll different. I don't know, I love when a man wear suit, tie, and shirt. They look wise, mature, smart, charming and handsome haha. Ahhh it's hard to explain, so many things that I want haha. But maybe physically almost as Lee Seung Gi oppa, he really my type. He is clever, good looking, diligent and many more.

Q : So Tara, what kinds of propose do you really want?
A : Of course, the romantic proposal haha. He should give me a bouquet of rose, a ring and he will bring me in restaurant for candle light dinner. He plays a piano and sing "Will you marry me" by Lee Seung Gi oppa. Ahhh it'll be interesting and unforgetable ^_^

He said "Saranghanda Tara-ssi" :*

Gomaweoyo I  monnan nal saranghaejweoseo
Yaps, that's the basic things I really want in my future. I don't know who will be my future mate, I just wanna tell him that I will waiting for him and do the best for being his wife. 
Do your best efforts when you ask me to marry you :D 

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