Monday, November 12, 2012

That's why I am here now

What are you thinking if I told you about "Petualangan Sherina" ?! Did you recognize it?! Yeah, that's the title of Indonesian children film. When I was in Elementary School, actually I forget the exactly my age at that time but the thing that I remember is I ever watch this movie with my family. That was my first time seeing a movie on cinema. We should took queue, and waiting for so long.

I ever had this one when I was in Elementary School, and now I don't know where this gone :'(

       The first impression that I got from this film was how beautiful the sceneries haha, I do really love it at the very first place with the sets. And that time, I knew where the pictures took place. That was Bandung, one of Province in Indonesia, they called it "Kota Kembang". Tacitly, in my deep down heart I said that one day I'll go to there, continued my study and visited that place. Maybe this is The Power of Dreaming, Allah decided me to come in Bandung, continuing my school. Alhamdulillah :)

        Yeah, this film successfully made me to dream high and Allah proved it. Although it just little hope. Meanwhile, there is few places I should visit such as Boscha. Do you know how really I love Boscha??? The answer is indeed I love it. Because I like seeing the stars and I love staring at the night sky ♥♥♥
That's made me felt so grateful and remind me that Allah still love me by giving chance everyday to see His Beautiful night. Even though I still didn't have any chance to go to there yet, but as soon as possible I'll be there, aamiin (^o^)9

 ♥ Boscha I'm in love ♥ ;)

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